Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love Matter (幸福万岁)

Love Matter is a Singapore movie. It was a story about a family which facing problems with Love. "No sex, no Love?" this was one of the theme that brought out in this movie. The hero for this movie was a more or less 50 years old man who can't satisfied from his sex life. Beside that, his 18 years old son also facing problem with someone put video of him stripping off his clothes on the net.

I think that both father and son are facing a major issue that happened in this society now a day. The father is facing sex life problems which is a common things that might happen to a man in late 40 and above. I think man with sex problems should consult the specialist without feeling ashame. With the technology today, for sure the specialist can cure the sickness. In the other hand, the son was a victim of the video scandal. I think people should not post such video on the net. Try think if this hero or heroin on this video was someone close to you (brother, sister, wife, mother and so on). Especially girl, please refuse when your boyfriend want to take video when you 2 are making out. Besides, don't make out with guy you don't know at all, be careful they might got some hidden video cam. Think twice, before you become the next victim of the scandal.


西西 said...

看了这篇,我很放心,因为如卿100%安全 XD

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