Saturday, February 28, 2009

Losing Weight!!!

I want to lose weight!!! My goal now is losing 6kg. This time for sure I will lose it. I must follow all my plan i.e. eat less, exercise at least 3 time a week. I also don't know why I overweight?? Maybe it just because the ratio of food I had and exercise not balance. Why I like to eat?? I think that it is a pleasure for a person can eat. But I must stop this thought. Eat less... Eat less... This is what I will do from now.

Starting from today, I will not eat junk food again, exercise more... Yes! I must do it. Just wait for my good news.

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西西 said...

哈哈,谁叫你有个过瘦女友,要陪她增肥,你也要吃多点罗 =P