Sunday, October 19, 2008

I have a DREAM

I once read from a Chinese book, it said "People are great because of dreams" (人因梦想而伟大). I not sure I translate it correctly or not? From my point of view, these mean that peoples can archive anything if they dare to DREAMS and work hard for it. For example if a person has a dream to be a famous singer and work hard for it, for sure he or she sure will succeed in the end. But if a person has a very good voice but he/she never think that he/ she will be a famous singer, he/she will never be a singer. So I wish to make a assumption that a person will never achieve something if they did not dreams of it.

As for me, my dream for now is to earn my first million before 30 years old. I know that this is very hard for people around me to think I will make it. Some even laugh when I told them this is my dreams.

Why I want to become a millionaire before 3o years old. Actually this thought happened when I read a book “How to become a millionaire before 30 years old”. This book influence me a lots for my dreams. Before I read this book, I always think to become a millionaire. But at that time, I not sure how to do it and when I will achieve it? After reading that book, I had set my target to become a millionaire before 30 years old. How can I become a millionaire? I now started to learn business by helping my dad in his shop. Beside that, I also started to gain information about shares although now is not the good time to enter the market. I think that business is one of the fastest ways to reach my goal. So wish me luck guys.

So start DREAM BIG from today!! I will quote the slogan from NIKE, “Just Do it”. Do not ever let the hardship in life destroy our dream!!

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